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Wood Care Products

If your cutting boards and wooden tools are new or in good shape, we recommend that you maintain them with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner.  If their condition is otherwise or haven't been oiled in a while, start with this and then follow with the Butcher Block Conditioner.

Howard Cutting Board Oil rejuvenates dry wood, including: cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden bowls and utensils. The mineral oil used in Cutting Board Oil is from virgin mineral oils and has no contact with nuts, gluten or other potentially allergenic materials either in production, storage, or transport.

Howard Cutting Board Oil is made with clear, odorless, pure food-grade mineral oil. Our Cutting Board Oil meets US FDA requirements for food contact surfaces, and is safe for all food preparation surfaces. The penetrating quality of food-grade mineral oil brings out the depth of grain in wood and helps prevent drying and cracking. Cutting Board Oil is perfect for the initial “oiling” or “seasoning” of cutting boards and butcher blocks.

  • Safe for all raw wood surfaces that come in contact with food
  • Colorless, odorless, tasteless, and will never go rancid
  • 100% food grade mineral oil enriched with Vitamin E


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